Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

Building a new future with money is a lot like building a home. You don’t add the roof until you’ve finished framing, and you don’t frame until the foundation is secure. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps are designed to help you out of debt and stress and into a life of saving and giving. We’re all in different places with money. Start right where you are and get where you want to be. Know-how is 20% of the equation. Behavior change and self-discipline make up the other 80%. You can do it! Just follow the steps.

$1,000 to Start an Emergency Fund

Step 1

Pay Off All Debt but the House

Step 2

3 to 6 Months of Expenses in Savings

Step 3

Invest 15% of Household Income Into Retirement

Step 4

College Funding for Children

Step 5

Pay Off Home Early

Step 6

Build Wealth and Give

Step 7