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Friday, November 12, 2021
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Tracy Adkins- AICPA

Tracy Adkins, CPA

Estate Planning Articles
Master the Fundamentals of Estate Planning

For many people, mapping out an estate game plan is something they intend to think about later. But too often, later never comes.

The reasons for not dealing with estate planning now may include not wanting to confront your mortality or create family conflict. Or perhaps you don't want to discuss money with your heirs or give your wealth to certain family members you don't trust.  To read more click...HERE

One-of-a-Kind Assets Require a Unique Valuation Approach

Unique Valuation Approach

As the estates of Michael Jackson and J.D. Salinger illustrate, taxpayers and the IRS often disagree about the fair market value of unique assets -- such as copyrights, patents and private business interests -- after the owner dies. Fortunately, an independent, qualified appraiser can prepare a written report that improves an estate's chances of surviving IRS scrutiny. To read more click...HERE

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